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Visitor's Guide

  • All people, regardless of age, must have an event ticket.
  • Alcohol sales cease at the end of the 3rd quarter.
  • Banners and signs are allowed provided that they are in good taste, do not block the sight of any other person or stadium signage, and are not on poles.
  • Still cameras are allowed.
  • Video recording devices are prohibited.
  • Bottles, cans, thermoses, coolers, and flasks are prohibited.
  • No re-entry is allowed.



  • Extra spaces are NOT sold in the North Shore Lots
  • One space per vehicle
  • Tailgating is limited to paid space only
  • City police will patrol all presold lots to enforce regulations
  • Presold Parking Tickets must be hanging from rearview mirror
  • Parking lots open 5 hours prior to game time
  • Cars are not allowed to sit in front of entrance prior to the lot opening
  • Open fires (other than cooking grills), glass containers, tents, beach umbrellas, and awnings are not permitted.


Parking Information

Lot Designation Enter From
Gold 1/Gold 1A Reedsdale Street or General Robinson St.
Gold 2 North Shore Drive
Gold 3 North Shore Drive
Gold 4 Tony Dorsett Drive
Red 5 General Robinson Garage Tony Dorsett Drive or Reedsdale Street or General Robinson Street
Red 6 General Robinson Street
Red  7A, 7B & 7C Scotland Street
Red 7D Lacock Street
Red Clark East Scotland Street
Blue 7F Lacock Street
Blue 7G Lacock Street
Blue 7H Lacock Street
Blue 7J Sandusky Street
Blue 10 North Shore Garage Sandusky Street or General Robinson Street or Lacock Street
North Blue Canal Federal Street
Blue Allegheny Center Garage East Commons or South Commons
Green 21 Reedsdale Street
Green 22 & 23 Ridge Avenue
To North Shore Parking:
  • I-297N, take North Shore Exit 7A to Reedsdale Street
  • Rt. 28S to North Shore then follow Lacock Street to Reedsdale Street
  • I-297S, take Exit 5C before Ft. Pitt Tunnel to West End Bridge to North Shore and follow North Shore Drive
  • I-376, take North Shore Exit 1A to Ft. Duquesne Bridge to North Shore Exit 7A to Allegheny Avenue
  • Rt. 65 to North Shore and follow North Shore Drive
From North Shore Parking:
  • 297N, take HOV ramps on Mazeroski Way or Anderson Street
  • Rt. 28N follow General Robinson Street
  • I-297S, take North Shore Drive to Allegheny Avenue to Reedsdale Street to West End Bridge
  • I-376 use Allegheny Avenue to Ft. Duquesne Bridge Ramp
  • Rt. 65 use Allegheny Avenue to Ridge Avenue



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